BOT - Board of Trustees

I. Governance Policies

A. Implementation of the Student Trustee Election Law

B. Implementation of the Alumni Trustee Election Law

C. Authority of the 最快开奖直播搅珠结果 Treasurer and Secretary

D. Expectations of Members of the Board of Trustees

E. Strategic Planning

F. Submission of Agenda Items

II. Academic Policies

A. Inter-institutional Transfer of Credit

B. Policy on Academic Integrity

C. Joint Policy 最快开奖直播搅珠结果 Board of Trustees and New Hampshire Department of Postsecondary Technical Education Board of Governors [ Repealed. ]

D. Policy on Financial Aid

E. Honorary Degrees and Awards

F. Policy on Promotion and Tenure

G. Academic Program Planning and Review

H. Mission Statements [ Repealed. See the Missions section of this OLPM ]

I. Educational Exchange Programs [ Repealed. ]

III. Administrative Policies

A. Policy Development and Distribution

B. Delegations of Authority

C. Foundations Established for the Benefit of 最快开奖直播搅珠结果 or its Component Institutions

D. Municipal Services

E. Defense and Indemnification of Trustees, Officers, and Employees

F. Legal Affairs

G. Maintenance, Retention, Disposal, and Disclosure of Records

H. Naming Facilities and Programs

I. Conflicts of Interest and Management of Dual Interests

J. Public Safety on 最快开奖直播搅珠结果 Owned or Leased Property

K. Fraud

L. Conflict of Interest 鈥 Employees

IV. Financial Policies

A. Financial Planning and Budgeting

B. Internal Borrowing

C. Internal Audit

D. External Audit

E. Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes (Residency Rules)

F. Student Fees

G. Quasi-endowments (also known as Funds Functioning as Endowments)

H. Investment Policy

I. Ancillary Financial Policies

J. Gift Acceptance Policy

K. Gift Counting Policy

V. Personnel Policies

A. Employee Benefits

B. Affirmative Action

C. Employment Policies

D. Employee and Labor Relations

E. Professional Development and Training

F. Compensation

VI. Property Policies

A. Capital Planning and Budgeting

B. Property Acquisition

C. Disposal of Property

D. Construction

E. Leasing of Property

F. Operation and Maintenance of Property

VII. Student Affairs聽Policies

A. System-wide Effect of Disciplinary Suspensions and Expulsions

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