System Office

System Office
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Mission Statement: The System Office, an integral part of the 最快开奖直播搅珠结果, supports and represents the system, its Board of Trustees, and institutions, advancing New Hampshire鈥檚 public higher education through strategic, innovative, and collaborative ideas and actions.

Executive Team

  • Chief Administrative Officer and Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs and Treasurer
    Phone: (603) 862-1622
    Catherine Provencher was named Chief Administrative Officer of the 最快开奖直播搅珠结果 (最快开奖直播搅珠结果) by its Board of Trustees effective January 1, 2021 to serve during the Chancellor transition period. 最快开奖直播搅珠结果 is New Hampshire鈥檚 four-year public higher education system comprised of the University of New Hampshire, Plymouth State University and Keene State College.聽 Ms. Provencher also serves as Vice Chancellor and Treasurer, the Chief Financial Officer of the University System. In that鈥
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor, Financial Affairs
    Phone: (603) 862-2597
  • Chief Procurement Officer
    Phone: (603) 862-5461
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: (603) 862-0921
    Jim McGrail is the Chief Human Resources Officer of the 最快开奖直播搅珠结果 (最快开奖直播搅珠结果). He and his team serve in an advisory and collaborative capacity to each of the Human Resources Offices at the University of New Hampshire, Keene State College and Plymouth State University. The 最快开奖直播搅珠结果 Office of Human Resources is responsible for developing, implementing and administrating comprehensive human resources programs and policies in support of the 最快开奖直播搅珠结果 system. He also serves as a staff鈥
  • Communications Director
    Phone: (603) 862-0924

Tia Miller

Executive Assistant and Board Liaison

Chad Pimentel

General Counsel and Secretary